Cargo service
Cargo information
Cargo information

About Cargo Dimensions
Aircraft type Dimensions (L*W*H)
ATR 72-600 100*80*100cm
A321 100*80*100cm

Billable Weight
  • The billable weight of shipments is the greater weight between the volumetric weight and the actual weight.
  • Volumetric Weight (kg) = Length (cm) × Width (cm) × Height (cm) / 6000

About Consignments
1. Domestic flights:
  • Please complete consignment at least 30 minutes prior to the flight departure. If you consign the live animals, please complete consignment at least 1 hour prior to the flight departure. (For live animals, the container's or kennel's dimensions should be less than 80*60*80 cm, please refer to Traveling with pets for more details. )
  • The close time of cargo operation on each route, please contact cargo terminal.
  • The consignor must bring along a valid photo identification issued by the government to complete the consignment procedure.
  • The packaging must be intact and without sharp protrusions, deformations or signs of leakage.
  • The counter staff should be informed of any fragile items, liquids and items refrigerated with dry ice.
  • Calculation of rates: A single package under 10 kg is charged as a 10 kg package.
  • The weight of a single package should not exceed 30 kg.
  • Perishable foods, seafood, live animals, regular documents, etc., must be claimed on the flight date. The Company shall not be responsible if passing the due time of cargo claim.
  • Cash, checks, stock, negotiable securities, jewelry, tender documents, contracts and business documents, passports and identification documents, as well as umbilical cord blood are not allowed.
  • All live animals, with the exception of aquatic animals (e.g. fish, shrimp, turtles, crabs, frogs), are not allowed on the Company's A321 aircraft as its cargo hold is not equipped with a ventilation and temperature control system.
  • Machinery oils such as engine oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, brake fluid, etc., are not allowed.
  • Dangerous goods and restricted items are not allowed.
  • If the freight is damaged or destroyed under the care of, or during the delivery and handling by, UNI AIR, compensation will be made according to the R.O.C. "Rules of Compensation for Damage Caused to Air Passengers & Freight"; compensation shall not exceed NTD $1,000 per kg.
  • The Company shall not be responsible for flight delays or cancellations arising from force majeure factors such as bad weather conditions or machinery malfunctions, etc.
  • Freight rates published by the Civil Aeronautics Administration:
Route Rate per kilogram Route Rate per kilogram
Taipei - Kinmen 16 Taichung - Kinmen 14
Taipei - Penghu 15 Taichung - Penghu 12
Taipei - Nangan 14 Taichung - Nangan 17
Taipei - Beigan 14 Chiayi - Kinmen 14
Taipei - Hualien 12 Chiayi - Penghu 11
Taipei - Taitung 16 Tainan - Kinmen 14
Kaohsiung - Kinmen 15 Tainan - Penghu 11
Kaohsiung - Penghu 12
  • Freight rates for tax-free area:
Route Rate per kilogram Route Rate per kilogram Route Rate per kilogram
Penghu - Taipei 14 Kinmen - Taipei 15 Nangan - Taipei 13
Penghu - Taichung 11 Kinmen - Taichung 13 Nangan - Taichung 16
Penghu - Chiayi 10 Kinmen - Chiayi 13 Beigan - Taipei 13
Penghu - Tainan 10 Kinmen - Tainan 13 Kinmen-Penghu 11
Penghu - Kaohsiung 11 Kinmen - Kaohsiung 14 Penghu - Kinmen 11

2. Internationl flights:

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