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Special Assistance

To ensure that all passengers enjoy safe and comfortable flights, UNI AIR offers various thoughtful services to meet their needs in the event that individual attention or assistance is required due to their physical, mental or physiological condition. For more information, please contact UNI AIR's customer service center. (The following service descriptions may be adjusted according to actual events and situations.)

•Please click to read UNI AIR Domestic Route "Service Guide for Passengers with Disabilities" in detail.

•Wheelchair Service
1. UNI AIR offers free wheelchair service at all of our airports. Please request this service at the time of booking.
2. Due to insufficient space in the cabin, UNI AIR will check in passengers' personal wheelchairs. Out of flight safety considerations, some motorized wheelchair models will not be allowed on board. For more information about transportation of wheelchairs, please call our customer service center or click to read. Attach a confirmation letter for "mobility aids which contain lithium batteries / non-spillable batteries" and send to the following website: KNHXMN@UNIAIR.COM.TW. We will reply to you after confirming the review.
3. Due to aircraft model restrictions, the number of electric wheelchairs accepted is as follows:

Aircraft model ATR-72 A321
The number of electric wheelchairs 2 6
4. Out of consideration for the comfort and convenience of our passengers, UNI AIR offers the use of small-sized cabin wheelchairs at some airports. Please request this service at the time of check-in.

•Passengers who need special assistance
We provide air travelers with disabilities with: (1) transportation to, from and between gates, by wheelchair or other appropriate means in the airport; (2) boarding assistance; (3) assistance with visual, auditory, cognitive, mental/emotional or mobility impairments while in the airport and on the plane. At the time of making your reservation, we recommend that you inform our reservation staff of any physical condition and required equipment or service. For wheelchair and the other services, please read the rules listed below or contact our reservation offices.
1. Seating Arrangements:
Our reservation and airport ground staff will try to arrange an accessible seat for you on the plane. For in-flight safety, however, passenger seats will be arranged without blocking the emergency exits.
2. Wheelchair and other Mobility Aid Assistance at Airports:
UNI Air offers check-in services to passengers with special needs at airport. You may also contact our ground staff at the other airports, and we will immediately help you with the check-in procedure. Airports on UNI Air flight routes are equipped with air bridges or lifting equipment to provide enplaning and deplaning assistance. Please contact UNI Air as soon as possible if you are physically unable to use the stairs.
3. Assistance During the Flight:
In-flight services - we provide passengers with disabilities with the following assistance:
Transportation between the aircraft gate and seat while enplaning/deplaning.
We are unable to provide the following assistance for passengers with disabilities:
(1)Assistance with feeding of meals.
(2)Medical services.
(3)Assistance within the restroom or assistance at the seat with defecation and/or urination functions.

•Regulations for Guide dogs
1. Disabled passengers may bring their guide dog on board free-of-charge. Please contact our customer service center for the relevant regulations.
2. Passengers traveling with a guide dog should prepare the required supporting documents in accordance with each region's quarantine regulations.
3. To ensure a smooth flight experience for visually-impaired passengers, UNI AIR specially provide a "Braille version of the cabin layout and the cabin safety instructions" to express where the seats, emergency exits and toilet facilities are located, as well as information on how to utilize the various safety equipment in the cabin.

•Regulations for pregnant passengers
1. Please advise your doctor/midwife's opinion, to make sure that your healthy condition is suitable for taking a flight.
2. Conditions for acceptance of pregnancy to take flight:
(1) Healthy women less than 32 weeks pregnant are allowed to board the aircraft.
(2) Healthy women who are 32 to 36 weeks pregnant and hold a fit-for-air-travel certificate (stating the expected delivery date and that the passenger's health is fit for air travel) issued by a physician are allowed to board the aircraft. They must fill out a declaration form at the airport.
3. Women who are more than 36 weeks pregnant are not allowed to board the aircraft.

•Regulations for infant passengers
1. Infants over 7 days, under 2 years old are allow to travel together with adults. Due to flight safety, the total number of infants on each flight is limited, and make a reservation before flight.
2. One adult may only travel with a maximum of two infants under 2 years old. One of the infant should purchase another seat and prepare a child safety seat in accordance with aviation regulations to ensure the safety of air travel. The seat size shall conform to the following limits:
Aircraft Type     Seat : Wide × Deep × High
ATR 72-600     42×41×66 cm
A321 economy class     66×43×73 cm
3. Newborns born less than 7 days in the case without the use of medical equipment, the parents of the infant require to hold a diagnostic certificate which is signed by the doctor and the hospital. The certification should record the health condition is suitable for taking the flight. After signing the consent, the infant is able to aboard.
4. Bassinets, diapers and baby meal are not available during the flight.

•Regulations for children passenger
1. Children over 2, under 12 years old shall be accompanied by an adult when taking flight.
2. UNI AIR provide unaccompanied minor service for those who are not accompanied by others.
(1) For those who are over 5 years old with physically and mentally healthy.
(2) Due to the limitation of onboard for each flight, please notice the booking staff before taking flight.
(3) The applicant must have with the consent under the child's legal representative/guardian, to apply the child to flight alone. Make sure the person meeting on arrival will pick up on time. For preventing the abnormal , the person seeing off must wait until the flight departure.
3. One adult may only travel with a maximum of three children aged two and above, among whom one must be older than five years old. Please contact UNI AIR's customer service center if you exceed this limit.

•• Regulations on injured/diseased passengers
1. For the safety consideration of passenger, those who with obvious physical discomfort or just undergoing major surgery should provide the certificate, which within 10 days before flight, medical institution stamp and doctor's signature or stamp, and shown health condition is suitable for flight.
Those passenger should fly with next of kin or medical staff, and provide the consent with agree. UNI airport staff will evaluate the condition of passenger when check in, It may refuse to board when passenger condition is unstable and/or worse during flight.
2. Accompanied next of kin or medical staff should have the ability to act independently to assisting patients when boarding, landing, emergency escape, and should understand the physical condition of the passenger and provide assistance in the event of an emergency.
3. To ensure public safety and the rights of all passengers on board, UNI AIR will deny passengers with statutory controls or serious infectious diseases (such as open tuberculosis patients).
4. It is forbidden to perform acupuncture for medical action during the flight.

On-board Medical Oxygen
1. Oxygen tank service is available. Passengers must contact our customer service center at least three working days prior to their flight departure date to request this service. Please check the relevant procedures and charges at the time of booking.
2. Depending on their health conditions, passengers requiring oxygen in-flight should travel with a family member or a professionally-trained and qualified physician or nurse. Furthermore, passengers will need to purchase an additional seat to install the oxygen equipment and separate charges will be payable for the oxygen tanks.
3. UNI AIR can only provide passengers with oxygen equipment for in-flight use. Oxygen equipment for use inside and outside of the airport or during transfer/transit will have to be prepared by the passengers.

Passengers are allowed to use their own Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) or Medical Portable Electronic Devices (M-PEDs)
Passengers are allowed to use their own M-PEDs on board, such as POC, Ventilators, Suction Units, and Ambulatory infusion pumps, etc. The aforementioned devices must comply with the size and weight limits of carry-on baggage. Passengers must prepare their own batteries when using the aforementioned M-PEDs as no power supply is available on board. Backup batteries must be stored in carry-on baggage and individually packed to avoid short circuit or damage.

1. The passenger who would require medical attention and/or special equipment to maintain their health during the flight shall follow UNI General Conditions of Carriage to apply and obtain the medical clearance at least 48 hours prior to the flight. POCs that approved by the FAA with labels or devices in accordance with specific FAA guidelines may be carried and used on board flights. For further information :https://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/cabin_safety/portable_oxygen/
2. If the weight and dimension of those M-PEDs do not comply with carry-on baggage regulation and have no suitable space for stowing them, passengers should purchase extra seats for stowing large PEDs or accept as checked baggage.
3. Passengers should follow the instruction of cabin crew accordingly when they use M-PEDs during the flight. No M-PEDs can be carried or used during evacuation.
4. Please note that inflight electrical power is not guaranteed to be available or operative on all flights and every seat. In the event that power supply is necessary for passenger’s portable electronic devices, passenger should bring a sufficient number of fully charged batteries (to power the device for 150% of the expected maximum flight duration) which are in compliance with ICAO instructions.
5. UNI AIR is not liable for any injury or harm to the passenger caused by a passenger attempting to use the power supplies for medical portable electronic devices by the failure of onboard power supplies or any other reasons in connection therewith. Passengers use power supplies at their own risk.
6. Please reach the airport one hour prior to the departure time to complete the check-in procedure, and arrive at the boarding gate early. Flight and ground service personnel will inspect the passenger's fit-for-travel certificate, device model number and verify whether the batteries comply with the Company's standards.

For more details, please contact our customer service center.

•Stretcher Assistance

This service is currently unavailable for UNI AIR domestic routes.

•Medical Information Sheet (MEDIF)
Please pass the following forms to your attending physician and fill them in depending on your health conditions, so that our Aviation Medicine Office can determine if special safety measures or medical services are required. It is prohibited to operate of any electrical medical device during emergency evacuation.

MEDIF English download file (Microsoft Word format)
MEDIF English download file (PDF format, free download for Adobe Reader)

•Other relevant regulations
Due to flight safety considerations, UNI AIR has restrictions regarding the number of special passengers on each flight and the terms of acceptance. If you have any special requests or questions, please contact UNI AIR's customer service center.

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