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Special discount with UnionPay!

Published date: 2018/12/28

From today onwards, passengers purchase UNI AIR domestic full fare tickets or "UNI Sea-Air Services" full fare coupons with UnionPay for themselves or on behalf of others shall enjoy a special discount. The details are as follows:

【Promotion Period】
From January 1st ,2019 until December 31, 2019. (ticket issuance date)

【Promotion Details】
1. Passengers purchase domestic adult full fare tickets with UnionPay via the UNI AIR official website or
    airport counters shall enjoy a 15% discount on the Taipei-Hualien/Taipei-Taitung routes ,5% discount on

    other domestic routes.
2. The online purchase of "UNI Sea-Air Services" adult full fare coupons paid with UnionPay shall also
    enjoy a 5% discount.

● This promotion is only applicable for ticket purchased via the UNI AIR official website or airport counters.
    When you purchase your ticket over the airport counters, please inform the staff before the purchase
    and make full payment with UnionPay.
● This promotion is only applicable to the purchase of full fare adult tickets, and cannot be used in
    conjunction with other discounts.
● UNI AIR and UnionPay reserve the right to change and amend the details of this promotion.

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