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Wanted! Your feedbacks - SHARE US reward program.

Published date: 2017/07/07

Dear valued customers,
Thank you for choosing UNI AIR. In order to provide better and more comfortable services, we enroll a SHARE US reward program as follows. We sincerely invite you to tell us about your traveling experience with UNI AIR.

(1) We hope the passengers who take our domestic flights to share ideas with us through UNI AIR
      communication form, email ( or postal mail. We will send a special gift
      as a reward to  the passenger, if his/her opinion is adopted to improve our services.

(2) Besides, we also prepare the discount coupon USD 30 as a reward. Every three months,
      we will draw a lucky winner from the passengers whose opinions are adopted.
      Want to be the lucky one? Share your ideas with us NOW!!

(3) Please provide your full name, travel date, flight number, departure and arrival city,
      phone number, email address and your postal address in the communication form or email.

(4) UNI AIR reserve the right to change or cease the program.
We look forward to receiving your valued opinion and feedback!

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