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Note :

  1. This booking system accepts a maximum of 4 passengers (including children) per booking. If there are more than 4 passengers, please make multiple bookings.
  2. Impaired Companion Fares must be booked together with Impaired Fares. A citizen with a disability card may enjoy Impaired Fare. His or her compulsory travel companion may enjoy Impaired Companion Fare.
  3. Bookings for unaccompanied children or Impaired Companion Fares are not acceptable via this system. If you have such booking requests, please contact customer service hotline.
  4. The term "children" refers to passengers aged 2 to 11 years on the date of departure.
  5. The term "Residents" refers to offshore island residents travelling to and from their registered residence.
  6. For credit card promotions, please click here.
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