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Often viewed as an eyesore, in recent years graffiti in Taiwan has blossomed into a sanctioned art form. While you can still find random tags scrawled on underpasses from Taipei to Kaohsiung, you’re as likely to find your eyes drawn to beautiful, large-scale murals covering entire sides of buildings, the product of hours upon hours of creative effort and, what’s more, created with the approval of local government agencies. These permitted graffiti zones can be found all over the island. Tainan hosts several; one notable wall features constellations, a deer throwing jiaobei divination crescents, and a “money frog” checking his cellphone. In Taipei, the Ximending neighborhood boasts a plethora of legal street graffiti. Several buildings are now canvasses for multi-artist projects with themes ranging from traditional Asian characters to Western superheroes. Local cosplay enthusiasts and tourists pose for selfies in front of these and smaller pieces, with most painted over every three months and replaced by new artwork to keep the area’s creativity fresh. 1 . Street artist Mr. Ogay has transitioned to creating more permanent art pieces. ︱ 2 . A Godzilla statue made from spray-paint cans reflects the materials used to create art in the Ximending neighborhood. ︱ 3 . Mr. Ogay painting his iconic "Fatty" character at the opening of his gallery show Table Manners. ︱ 4 . Despite their impermanence, local artists create sprawling, detailed murals across buildings in Ximending. 1 . 街頭藝術家黑雞先生轉型創作永久性作品。︱ 2 . 用噴漆瓶製作的哥吉拉反映出西門町街頭藝術使用的媒材廣泛且不受拘束。︱ 3 . 黑雞先生在 《餐桌禮儀》個展開幕會上彩繪他最知名的角色「 Fatty 」。︱ 4 . 在地藝術家在西門町的建築物上創作的大型壁畫雖不具永久性,但細膩的繪圖 風格,值得細細觀賞。 1 2 探 索 E X P L O R E 42 ︱ Les îles